We are so grateful for any donations that we are given.  It takes lots of resources and materials to run a center like ours.  We have needs for our horses, students, the barn and office supplies. Our needs are endless, supplies and equipment for classes, bills for vet care and farrier work. feed, utitilites for the barn.  We do not charge a fee from our students for their riding sessions because we feel they have a lot of expense from living with their disability.   Listed below is  a guide to what we can use on a daily basis.  Any and all donations are greatly appreciated and remember we are a non-profit so it is also tax deductible.


Bagged shavings                                                                                                 Spray Paint in Primary Colors                                                             McCauley's Senior Feed, Textured                                                                      Stickers for rewards                                                                                            Tribute Kalm and Eez, Terxtured                                                                         Hand Wipes/Sanitizer

Fly masks(horse/cob size)                                                                                   Lysol Spray

Fly Spray                                                                                                           

Salt blocks for stall/fields                                                                                    

PDZ stall freshener                                                                                                                                                                                        

Gift cards to Walmart, Southern States, Tractor Supply, Lowe's