We serve children and adults with a diagnosed medical condition.  We offer both mounted and unmounted activities.  All activities are taught and/or supervised by certified PATH instructors.


Our services include:


Therapuetic Riding Classes

Un-mounted Equine Activities

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) Sessions

​Requirements for classes:


Physicians release required to begin activities.

Weight limit of 175 pounds for mounted classes.

Students with a history of seizures must be seizure free for six months.

​Students with Down Syndrome must have an x-ray for atlanto axial instability.

Helmet required (we provide)

Print out all 3 documents below, fill out and return to office to register for classes.

We accept applicants based on need and appropriateness for our program.

All applicants will be required to have an assessment with an instructor before being accepted in program.