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Steps and Strides Equestrian Services sits on the historic Curd House farm in Wilmore, KY. 

The farm offers a quiet and peaceful atmosphere for clients and volunteers to learn about and work with horses. 

We strive for quality not quantity in our program. We will customize a program for each client to 

to ensure they will receive quality instruction. We follow all guidelines and safety procedure

that PATH, Intl. requires of adaptive/therapeutic riding programs.

Rita Nicholson, co-founder, executive director and PATH CTRI

                      has been involved with adaptive/ therapeutic equine activities since 1990 and has been a

                            PATH, Intl certified instructor since 2008.  Rita transitioned to her CTRI certification in January 2020. She managed a center outside of Louisville for several years and has worked with many

                   different disabilities while teaching.  She became inspired to become a certified instructor after seeing the benefits

          her daughter, with Down Syndrome, received from therapeutic riding.


All instructors are certified with PATH, Intl. and are CPR and First Aid certified, as well.














Equine assisted therapies is recognized as one of the more progressive forms of therapy for individuals with disabilities.  ​The ability to control a horse as well as one's own body inspires self-confidence, improves self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment.  Best of all it is an extremely enjoyable experience.

From the beginning, the riders learn balance, coordination, posture, strength and flexibility improve.  As the horse moves, the rider is constantly thrown off-balance, requiring the rider's muscles to contract and relax in an attempt to rebalance.  Stopping and starting the horse, changing speeds and direction increase the benefit.

Improved coordination, faster reflexes, and better motor planning, stretching of tight or spastic muscles, decreased spasticity, increased range of motion of the joints, improved respiration and circulation, improved appetite and digestion, and sensory integration are all benefits of therapeutic horse riding.

Grooming and tacking up teaches responsibility and uses lots of fine motor skills as well as bonding with the horse.

Most importantly--IT IS FUN!!!!


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