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Batman--Appaloosa--Foaled 2004

Batman is a very striking black and white appy.  He has 

been a trail horse most of this life and done a few kids 

summer camps.  If you look closely you can see

a marking on him that looks like a horseshoe!



Belle-Paint pony--Foaled in 1993

Retired, except for the occasional trail ride!




Bodi--Quarter Horse--Foaled 1997

Retired, except for the occasional trail ride!

brandon batman 2021.jpg
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little finn face.jpg


                           Diamond-Welsh/Shetland Pony

                                     A perfect kids pony!







             Finn-Quarter horse-Foaled 2003

         Finn has done jumping and trail riding in the past.  He is very patient with all the riders especially those are nervous or unsure about riding.  He loves the activities and games we do during lessons. He is leased to our program.






Moose is a very personable pony.  He LOVES people and calls out to everyone he sees! He is a forward mover that makes our riders think when they are riding him.  Moose is very loving and loves to trail ride and hang out with his friend Finn.

little finn caroline.jpg
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Peanut--Miniature Horse

Peanut is such a tiny guy. Peanut heads up the driving program and  the Pony Tales program  He is excellent driving horse. He is very gentle, curious and just so cute.  He is perfect for our 3, 4 and 5 year olds to groom and lead around.  He will also makes it easy for wheelchair bound clients to groom and lead.


Pumpkin-Shetland Pony-Foaled 2012

Pumpkin is used for bareback riding and driving and the Pony Tales program.  She loves all her jobs but especially the Pony Tales program because she gets to travel out in the community.  








Tamale--Draft Cross--Foaled 2007

Tamale is hunter/jumper and trail trained.  He is alpha in his herd.  He worries where everyone is at.  He is a massive horse that will be a great asset to our adult clients.  Strong, steady, confident and playful are Tamale's qualities.


               IN MEMORY 

                                                                                                                            Anna                            Dance                           Hank                                               

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